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Now you can listen to Singularity — for FREE!

That’s right: the new Singularity Podcast is now underway at

Click right here to hear a new chapter of Singularity every week, as read by author Bill DeSmedt (funny accents and all).

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?


DATELINE: September 10, 2006 — All things must come to an end sometime, and that, regrettably, includes the Singularity podcast. With fewer than ten episodes left to go, the ending is already in sight.

But now you can be a part of that ending!

That’s because the final installment of the Singularity podcast will be devoted to a question-and-answer session between you, the podcatching audiences, and author Bill DeSmedt.

So, if you’ve ever wondered whether Jonathan Knox or Marianna Bonaventure are modeled on real people, or what modern physics thinks is really going on inside a black hole, or whether Mycroft sleeps with a teddy bear, now’s your chance to find out.

Your chance to find out what Bill thinks, anyway. He’ll do his best to be as accurate as possible (and he’s got an impressive lineup of world-class physicists to fall back on, if it comes to that). But, let’s face it — your mileage may vary.

By now you’re probably asking yourselves: How do I get in on this?

Simple. There are actually three ways to submit questions and/or comments — email, audio, or voicemail. Let’s go over each of those in a bit more detail:

And remember, if you plan on leaving an audio question or comment by whatever means, please speak slowly and clearly. And please include your name for attribution purposes, and an email address so we can get back to you for any clarifications.

Remember, also, that if you love this idea and/or hate it, you have only Paul Fischer of the ADDcast and the Balticon Podcast to thank.